On the “Nancy Binay” issue

O, bashers ni Nancy Binay, anlakas lakas ng boses nyo sa social media, di naman kayo bumoto.

Sayang lang kamo boto mo, ganun din naman. Ironically, you can waste time tweeting, posting about how incompetent the candidate is. Some of your posts are way below the belt, IMHO.

When Nancy’s name appeared on surveys, you blamed the system. People were paid, the surveys were paid.

Not to take sides, but alas, the moment Nancy’s name appeared on top five of the partial results, you blamed the ‘uninformed’ voters.

That’s not fair. They voted. You ranted.

As they were out there casting their votes, making the extra effort (what with that heavy rain that poured where I voted), you were somewhere else. You just waited for the results.

Where I voted, there was a man, a senior citizen, who tried very hard to find his polling precint, because apparently there were differences with his voter’s I’d number. Nonetheless, persevering to do so, the man was able to cast his vote.

But here you were, online. “The lines were very long,” you read on a tweet, and so you retweeted, adding ” aga aga dami agad aberya.”

You were so able – had you been determined – to vote, yet you did not. You speak of not being registered as if the government or COMELEC were to be blamed.

You waited for results. There were even some who did not care at all until they saw posts/rants about the partial results appear in their Facebook newsfeeds.

And then there was your moment. It’s funny how you found it very easy to immediately jump into the bandwagon. Suddenly there were ‘share’s, ‘retweets’, ‘reposts’ complaining, bashing, even bullying.

Nakakalungkot lang isipin, lahat na sinisi mo, maliban sa sarili mo.

I had two reasons for voting 12 candidates. I had two lists of candidates I would vote for.

First was the obvious. My one list was composed of candidates I wanted to win. I watched debates, forums, and checked to see who, in my opinion, can stand on their own – against what they don’t believe in, and for their convictions.

The other reason I voted was – and this might sound stupid – to prevent the other candidates from winning. I had a list of people I did not want to win. And I voted against them. I voted for other candidates instead so that they would not take their seat in the senate. I had to choose, over them, some other candidates who I could imagine being a senator.

Even if it did sound obvious already who I voted for and against, I will not state directly.

However, and going back to the point of this whole post (which I’m typing using the not-so-soft keyboard of my phone), I stay the kind of person that, when faced with unexpected situations, look for possible solutions than for possible people to blame.

Let’s stop bullying. Let’s give Nancy Binay a chance. The future is not ours to tell, and while the tossed coin hasn’t reached the floor, the chances of getting a ‘heads’ is the same as getting a ‘tails.’

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